Benefits and the steps to take

Training in the relevant subject area, whether business and admin, customer service or IT, will be organised by PHX Training and will take place on the job or outside of work or be  a combination of both depending on the specific role.

Throughout this process, we will be assessing with the employer – and the person concerned – the impact of this training.

Both the employer and the apprentice enter into a contract for 12 months. If at any time the employer thinks the arrangement is not working they can step out of it.

As the relationship develops, we act as a facilitator and mediator especially if there are any conflicts for whatever reason or misunderstandings.

Most apprenticeships  are assessed to Level 2, the equivalent of GCSEs and the former NVQs.

In terms of ROI, a recent study carried out by the University of Warwick Institute for Employment Research (IER) demonstrated that apprenticeships are an investment by employers and where the investment is nurtured, the returns to the employer are significant.

The relevance of apprenticeships has never been greater, with organisations lining up to take on dedicated staff members straight from school or college.

Customer Service Level 2/Level 3

The Customer Service Sector is about a wide range of tasks and activities that constantly develop and change.

This may be for you if you are working in a customer service environment and your role is to promote, develop and improve your products and services to your internal and external customers.

At level 3 you would be involved in the delivery and management of customer service and would also be accountable in your area of customer service.

Warehousing and Storage Level 2, Logistics Level 3

This may be for you if you are working as a Warehouse Operative and your role may include receiving deliveries, assembling and packing customer orders ready for despatch, picking stock, stock level checking and using equipment to move stock.

At level 3 as well as normal warehouse operation activities, you will have delegated responsibility to supervise the team, ensuring tasks are completed on time and to  customer requirements.



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