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August 15, 2019

The latest labour force statistics were released earlier this week and the numbers painted yet another encouraging picture for jobs across the UK, with employment continuing to rise and unemployment dropping to its lowest level in over 40 years.

While the regional picture in the North West saw employment fall slightly, the general trend is still positive.

Looking at the overarching statistics is an easy way to monitor how employers and training providers are making a difference in getting more individuals in to work, however if you drill a little deeper there are still some clear areas for improvement.

Employment for people who are classed as disabled or with a work-limiting condition still lags behind that of people without a disability.

While the general employment level in the UK stands at 76 per cent; for those people with a disability as classed under the Equality Act 2010, the rate is merely 54 per cent. The picture for disabled people in the North West is similar, with just over one in two currently in work.

Disability can prove a barrier to employment for many individuals, with a recent ONS study showing that mental illness, learning disabilities and speech impediments are the largest walls that candidates must overcome. For those with multiple illnesses, the challenge of finding and keeping work is even more difficult.

PHX Training has recently been approved to deliver a new apprenticeship addressing these types of barriers to employment.

Tutors at PHX Training will deliver the new Employability Practitioner Apprenticeship Standard Level 4 to develop knowledge and skills amongst hard-to-help individuals to help them secure suitable and sustainable work.

The apprenticeship will also support people who may have addiction or substance misuse issues, low levels of education or financial difficulties from our training centres across Lancashire and Cumbria.

Support available will include back to work programmes, careers advice and guidance and skills development so that individuals can become ready to find and hold down a long-lasting job.

Employability is more than just developing skills. Rather than solely focussing on whether an individual has the technical abilities to work in a role, the apprenticeship is about ensuring that he or she can seamlessly fit into a new work environment.

The new apprenticeship will look to overcome the barriers to employment that so many people face, meaning that individuals who complete the course can progress back into the world of work as healthy, confident and capable individuals.

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