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Blog: Training and retraining offer opportunities
July 26, 2019

With rapid changes in the world of work all around us, lifelong learning is more important than ever for the individuals concerned and the economy.

A staggering nine million adults lack basic literacy or numeracy, and it is these adults who are least likely to have an employer willing to invest in their skills.

The country faces unparalleled levels of uncertainty, and the twists and turns of Brexit have made decision-making more difficult for SMEs and corporates alike.

At the same time, employment rate stands at a record high, and unemployment is at its lowest in nearly 50 years.
It is encouraging to see a new scheme making impact for the longer term.

The National Retraining Scheme is the government’s new programme to prepare adults for future changes to the economy, including those brought about by automation, and to help them retrain them into better jobs.
The scheme is a manifesto commitment and was announced at the autumn 2017 budget.

The scheme, part of the government’s industrial strategy, is overseen by a partnership made up of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and the government itself.

To support the development of the scheme, the Chancellor announced £100m in the autumn budget 2018. This is for the continued testing and development of the scheme, as well as delivering the first parts of the scheme to the public.

Recent research shows that adults who have used early parts of the National Retraining Scheme during its testing phase face a range of barriers that prevent them from accessing further learning or training.

These include the financial cost of training, training opportunities that do not fit their working patterns if they are already in employment and a poor previous experience of education.

The research also found that employers value soft skills, such as good communications skills and a strong work ethic and integration with existing recruitment processes. They value apprenticeships, and many have expressed an interest in a shorter, more flexible retraining offer.

We at PHX Training applaud the efforts being made, and that it can help train and retrain the future workforce in the diverse range of skills necessary to meet the needs of the economy for now and the longer term.

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